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43 | Jet Ski Racer Mouad Salhi: Channeling Your Fear

“It’s all about respect … I’m not going there looking to hurt someone, that’s not my mindset. My mindset is to show them that I’m not afraid of anybody. In a race, if you come close to me, I’ll do whatever it takes for me to win. I’m not going to just let you pass just because I’m afraid of you.”


Jet ski racing has been Mouad Salhi’s passion from a young age. He’s stuck with the sport for years despite the costs, both financially and in the form of injury.


When you’re maneuvering large, heavy vehicles across the water at high speed, you’re bound to get hurt, Mo says—and he’s experienced some serious crashes. But to him, it’s all part of the sport he loves, and has excelled at (he’s claimed world, U.S., and 3 European championships, among other accolades).


In this week’s show, he describes how he redirects emotions like fear and anger into a bold racing style—which, while it seems risky, is actually part of a strategy for staying safer. He also shares some of the other struggles and setbacks of a solo rider in an expensive sport, and how much support means to him along the way.


Note: Because of an equipment problem, Mo didn’t race April 17 after all, as discussed in this episode. His first competition back for the season is May 1, in Kissimmee, Florida—check his Instagram and YouTube channel for updates!


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In this episode, we discuss:


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